Wedding bouquets


Wedding bouquets (Biedermeiers) are an indispensable detail of every wedding. The history of a wedding bouquet is long, and symbolism itself has a special significance. Today, the wedding bouquet is more fashionable, so much attention is paid to the look of the bouquet. According to some belief, the girl who caught wedding bouquet at the wedding is marrying next.

As early as the 4th century, brides wore crochet flowers and medicinal herbs on their heads. It was believed that the medicinal grass was causing evil spirits. Brides also carried a cereal stucco symbolizing fertility.
Bouquets similar to today's wedding bouquets appear around 1420. They thought that scented flowers had a strong antiseptic effect and that they were protecting against plague and other diseases. During the 16th century, brides wore garlands of leaves and flowers in their hair. The symbolism of the circle as a sign of eternal love gets on significance.

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