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In August one of the closest friends will marry, so a couple of days ago we discussed the details related to her wedding. She would want her wedding not to be too traditional, but fashionable and different. And that's why she would like to have bridesmaids. This is not too common in our country, but you all know very well that in the world the nearest friends of the bride are called bridesmaids and that they wear the same dresses at the wedding.
Since I will be one of the bridesmaids, we talked about how the dresses should look. We have not yet made a definite decision because we need to talk with other girls, so in the next few posts, I will show you different models of dress for the bridesmaids, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each model.
The two of us agreed that the best solution would be short bridesmaid dresses. First of all, it would have drastically differentiated us from the bride and her long white dress. We still have to listen to the suggestions of other girls, and I will also report it to you.
Since there is still a lot of time until August, we thought that we might order dresses from the Internet. In particular, we looked at the offer from the BMbridal website. Below I will show you a few short dresses for the bridesmaids that I liked most.

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