Why do the bridesmaids wear the same dresses?


Although this is not the case with us, you for sure, watching Hollywood films, saw that the bridesmaids are mostly wearing identical dresses, very similar to a bride's wedding dress, only slightly different colors.
This custom originated in ancient Rome, and the same dresses were not worn by only bridesmaids but bride. The idea is to "cram bride", that is, not immediately clear what a real bride is.
At that time, there was the belief that every happy event would invite evil spirits, and this scammer and scammer should be confused with "evil forces" so that the real grooms and young ones have plenty of time to utter vow to one another.
This trick was meant to mislead the former lovers who could, due to broken hearts, fall into the wedding and try to prevent it. A few girls who look like the bride are there to enter into confusion, and "buy" a little time until they discover which one is right.

Today, the bridesmaids wear the same dress just for traditional reasons. However, many brides believe that their friends or relatives are there as a small guard, who is there, in any case, if someone decides to wipe it out.

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