Fashion tips: It's time for prom


The prom season in our country starts soon. As this is one of the most important days in every girl's life, I know that you are already very excited now. There are countless questions in your head: What kind of dress to choose? How to make up? What hairstyle? Prom dress bought in the store or prom dresses online Let's not forget any less important accessories - shoes, jewelry, etc.
The most important advice I can give you is to be yourself. Prom night is an event for which you should dress elegantly, sophisticated and stylish, but only if you feel comfortable and free in it.
My prom was a few years ago, but if I should now choose a prom dress again, it would surely be a long, simple 27 prom dresses without too much detail that follows the body line.
The most common mistake that girls make is that they follow blindly trends and aim to highlight too much on that day. This usually ends with going to the extreme, so it all takes a dose of kitsch. Take care when choosing a material so that everything does not look cheap and unattractive. Sometimes a simple dress of quality material looks much more expensive and more attractive than a dress with shingles that shine like a disco ball.

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