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In this post, for the first time, I'll write to you about an online store called FreedomSilk. There you can find pillowcases, bedding sets, women's sleepwear, men's sleepwear, women's clothing, accessories, etc. The story of how FreedomSilk was created is very interesting, so I'll share it with you below:

In 2013, Freedomsilk creator Belle was prescribed acne medication which resulted in extremely sensitive skin and thinning hair. Her dermatologist suggested sleeping on a silk bedding. Unable to find one, She searched throughout the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, and France, comparing different qualities of silk. After gaining a deeper knowledge about silks, she decided that silk from China would be the best choice. After all, silk was originally discovered in China and has been a coveted secret for a thousand years. Belle set out to find the best manufacturer of silk in China for the highest grade, 100% pure, all-natural silk with a luxurious, durable weight. The best silk possible for the skin, completely free of toxins and allergens. The results were dramatic and immediate. She’s never looked back.  She had stumbled upon a long forgotten beauty secret - and Freedomsilk was born.

Do you care in what you are sleeping or you belong to that group of women who can wear a cotton sweatshirt and go to bed in it? It matters to me in what I am sleeping. I want in the evening, after showering and putting my favorite milk on my body, to wear something nice and at the same time pleasant for my skin so that my sleep would be completely perfect. Over the years I've been wearing various materials, but I discovered that my skin is most pleasant when I wear silk pajamas.

During the winter and cold days, I wear the pajamas with sleeves, and as soon as the warmer weather gets there, of course, I prefer to wear silk nightgown

Did you know that according to research, men find more attractive women in pajamas than when they are completely naked?! According to the results of the study, of the 37 percent of men who like when girls sleep in pajamas, more than half of them said that it was "simply sweet", while the rest of the respondents "defend" their opinion with the simplicity of pajamas.

What's your favorite sleepwear?

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