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Hello everyone and welcome to my new post. A few days ago, I introduced you to a site called Wordmakeup, and then I showed you a few products from their offer. Then I told you to look at the rest of their offerings yourself because you can really find a lot of very popular makeup brands and their products. However, I decided in another post to show you some makeup products you can buy on that site. Specifically, I have chosen two products, so keep reading the post to find out what the products are about.

The first product I chose for today's post is jaclyn hill morphe palette. No need to introduce it to you in particular because I am sure you have all heard of it and that many of you have it on your wishlist. The main features of this pallet are: a wide variety of color options, it's highly pigmented, long-lasting and blendable.  If you are an experienced and professional beauty artist, then this product will be quite apt for you as it will help you create impressive eye makeovers for your clients. Alternatively, every girl can purchase this eyeshadow palette and craft flawless and faultless eye makeover without any hassles.

Another product I have chosen for today is the anastasia eyeshadow palette. This palette is even more popular than the previous one I showed you. It's smaller in size, but it also features a wide variety of eyeshadow colors that are suitable for all occasions. Starting from envious party makeup looks to simple yet subtle eye makeovers, the palette is formulated to offer you the best color payoff in all occasions. So, if you are a fashion-conscious lady, this ultimate eyeshadow palette really deserves a spot in your makeup collection and it will offer you adequate options to play around and create absolutely fabulous eye makeovers.

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