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In parallel with the development of high fashion and wedding dresses were raised to a higher level, becoming unique models that most worn by noble brides and ladies from the richest social classes. Namely, the strong influence of the British Queen Victoria's wedding dress at the time caused them to become part of high fashion. The lavish white lace dress featured a new, unique style. Details of her beauty spread very quickly through news reports and souvenirs. All of this influenced future brides to wear a white wedding dress, modeled on the Queen's choice. These models have become the inspiration for fashion makers for high fashion formal gowns. Proof that the wedding dresses were in the high fashion line is Consuelo Vanderbilt's marriage to the Duke of Marlborough in 1895. Then the future Duchess brought creation to Charles Worth, more specifically his fashion house House of Worth, which represented the unity of wedding and high fashion dress. Fortunately, some things have changed today, so affordable wedding dresses are available to all girls and women. Below I will show you three unbelievably beautiful wedding dresses from site that are very affordable.

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