Dusty pink bridesmaid dresses


Although I am no longer a girl, I think that I will love the pink color and all her nuances all my life. And most of my friends also love this color, so you will certainly not be surprised if I tell you that we've considered bridesmaid dresses in yet another shade of pink. In particular, this time it's about dusty pink bridesmaid dresses. To remind you, I previously wrote to you two posts, whose theme was also a selection of bridesmaid dresses, but at that time it was about slightly different pink shades.
Dusty pink bridesmaid dresses are very gentle and feminine. Below you can see some beautiful models of these dresses from the BMbridal site. If you are wondering why we did not choose them for the wedding of our friend, it is not easy for me to answer this question because these dresses are really beautiful. Let's say that the reason was that they made us too ceremonial and somehow we saw them more like idyllic models for some ball or reception.

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