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As I promised you a few days ago, today we'll continue to talk about prom night and tips and tricks that may help you to look perfect that night. If you follow fashion trends, then you'll choose one of prom dresses 2019. This dresses aren't much different from clasic prom dresses that you all know. They are usually long, very elegant and have interesting details. Girls who wear dresses like this will probably be the queens of their prom night.
Don't forget that with elegant dress you need to wear high heels. Many of you will wear high heels for the first time. So, I suggest you to practice walking in them before your prom nigh. In this way you wan't look funny and you'll be able to resist all night.
In our country prom season usually starts in May, but I know for sure that all of you look for pefect dress months ago. And I know all your questions and doubts: Mini or maxi dress? Glitter or mat? Black or in colour?
I can't give you answer on this questions because we're all very different, but I can give you good advice: Choose a dress in which you'll feel happy, comfortable and nice!
I also can show you a few suggestions. Dresses that you can see in the pictures below are form the  27 dresses store
For more details click on the picture.

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