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Hello everyone and welcome to my new post. :)
Spring, in my opinion, is the most beautiful part of the year and it's almost here. In a few weeks spring will come to our country and I can't be more happy. I already started doing shopping for my spring outfits. Some things I buy online and some in regular shopps.
I hate wearing too much clothes and I can't wait to start wearing spring dresses, leather jackets, sneakers etc. If the wether in the spring is very good, I even like to wear cute sandals. I prefer to wear it with some long dress with flowers pattern. Of course, I don't do it if it's cold outside, but if the temeratures are above 20 degres, I'll do it.
I receomend you to start buying sandals now because you can wear it on spring and also use them in summer. I'll give you some recomendation, so you can find the best sandals for yourself. If you like to shop online, there are so many sites where you can buy beautiful sandals, but one of them is my favorite. It's name is BerryLook and there you'll find best sandals for this spring.
Sandals aren't the only thing that you can buy on this site. There you can find all other clothes. sexy bodycon dresses are especially good on this site. You can find them in all colors, patterns, styles, different lenghts, for different body shapes. But, since the theme of this post are sandals, this time I'll only show you them. Maybe some other time I'll show you bodycon dresses or something other from BerryLook site.
Below you can see 3 model of sandals from BerryLook site that I liked the most. I think that this models will be very popular this season. If you're stile is different, visit BerryLook site and there you'll find more models. For more details click on picture.

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