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Hi and welcome to my new post. 😊
Today I am writing about most important period in every women's life and that is pregnancy.

I few days ago I found one very interesting and helpful site for this subject and I wanted to share it with you. If you are pregnant now or you have a little baby keep reading this post.

Name of the site that I mention above is Check Pregnancy. At this website you can get professional knowledge about pregnancy time, baby's and mother's health and also answers to all other similar questions that you may want to know.
There is special page on this site where you can ask any question (these are the categories: fertility, period, birth control, others, question). You can also see other women's questions and maybe you'll already find your answer there.

One important topic about what some women do not know enough is ovulation. The first question about this topic is usually: How Long Does Ovulation Last? This site also will give you answer on this question too and help you to better understand this topic.

I think that this kind of sites are great because pregnancy can be very stresfull. Although it is happy period in the life of every woman, it can bring up many emotions. At one moment you can have smile on your face, but at another you can feel excitement and even fear because there are so many question in your head.

Not so nice things when it comes to pregnancy are certainly morning sickness. But I think every woman forgets all the negative sides of pregnancy when she takes her baby into arms. That moment is definitely priceless. This say all mothers, including my own.

I hope you found this post useful. Visit website Check Pregnancy.

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3 коментара

  1. Super post draga.
    Svaki trenutak u zivotu je na neki svoj nacin poseban i trebamo ga cijeniti,koliko toliko.
    Bas mi je drago sto si dosla na ovu ideju i sto si nam pisala .
    Aktivna sam na tvom blogu i ti si na mom i tome ti zahvaljujem
    Poz od Belle

  2. Great post Dear, very useful:)