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Are you looking for an online shop where you can buy wholesale makeup? If you have read my previous post, then you know that the site is the right place for you.
In the previous post, I showed you a Huda beauty palette that you can order through this site, and today I'm going to introduce you to another product from the popular eyeshadow palette category. As you probably already guessed, I chose to show you the anastasia eyeshadow palette.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Carli Bybel Palette is a limited-edition palette created in collaboration with iconic beauty influencer Carli Bybel. Featuring 14 of Carli’s can’t-live-without shades, this versatile collection lets you achieve everything from your go-to daytime makeup looks to shimmery nighttime smoky eyes. Get Carli’s favorite mattes and metallics in both warm and cool tones all in one beautiful palette.

Shades included:
Boli (Metallic champagne)
Bybel (Matte reddish-purple brown)
Mandala (Metallic/Duo chrome light purple)
Libra (Metallic goldish)
Jode (Shimmer teal)
OA (Duo chrome blue + purple)
Boie (Matte ash brown)
Bear (Matte beige)
Moo (Metallic light gold)
Chai (Matte light brown)
Cindy (Matte bright orange pressed pigment)*
Stev (Matte dark red)
Aura (Metallic red pink shimmer)
My Angels (Metallic gold)

There are also some other Anastasia pallets on this site. Below you can see more 2:

Whether you do your makeup on a daily basis or just for special occasions, I'm sure every one of you at least once wished you had this kind of palette in your collection. Now you can make it because you can buy them at fairly affordable prices.  In the end, I'd just like you to tell me which group of women you belong to - the ones that Huda beauty is a favorite palette of, or the ones that Anastasia is a favorite palette? I have to admit that I belong to the first group because Huda beauty palette is much nicer to me.

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