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I have written many times about the homecoming tradition on my blog, but as it is something that is not represented in our country and is not known to most people, I will first remind you what it is about.
A homecoming is normally a week-long event organized by high schools or colleges. In high school, the homecoming game celebrates the careers of the senior high school athletes, normally the football players. Since homecoming is in the fall, the dress is a little less formal and dress length can be much shorter
What is the difference between homecoming and prom? Basically, 'homecoming' is for those who have already graduated, and 'prom' is for those who soon will graduate.
So, if you live in a country where there is a tradition of homecoming, then you are now certainly looking for the right dress. I can freely compare this search with the prom dress because they are similar. However, as you do not pay for this dress, but your parents do, make sure your requirements are not too expensive. Instead of looking at dresses in the most expensive stores that exist, I advise you to look at the range of dresses that can be found online. In particular, you can find cheap homecoming dresses on the Newarrivaldress site, and I will show you my three favorite models in the post below. These dresses have very affordable prices, and they are very nice and stylish as you can see in the pictures. Write to me in cometers which of these dresses you like best.

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