What to wear at a wedding?


If you go to the wedding, you need a candy dress in which you will be pleased to have fun all day and catch the Biedermeier.
If you are a guest at a wedding, you must remember the main rule: do not wear white clothes. This color is dedicated exclusively to bride this day. Observe the rule and allow the bride to collect all the attention in white, that's its big day anyway.
If you have the role of bridesmaid at the wedding, I advise you to stick pastel tones. Choose the dress that best fits your silhouette, and blue, lemon, pink or peach color, which resembles cookies.
Synchronize your dress with silver or gold color accessories and impress guests with your appearance. I have found some beautiful dusty pink bridesmaid dresses from the site BMbridal, so I hope to help you with your choice.

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