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Hello everyone and welcome to my new post. :)
A few days ago, I scanned the old posts on my blog and I saw that I did not write about the shoes for a long time. I suppose that you, like most women, are most interested in heels. These shoes are usually very uncomfortable, but they also make our leg and figure look much nicer and more beautiful, and we suffer a little pain for beauty.
Since online shopping is perhaps even more popular than other types of shopping lately, I've tried to find a site where you can find great shoes. It's clear to you that there is a lot of this sites, but I will separate one with a very original offer and affordable prices. It's a site called FSJshoes.
On this site you can find various models of shoes for all occasions: flat, pumps, boots, sandals, mule etc. But, as I already mentioned at the beginning of this post, today I will write to you about the heels. I reviewed the complete offer of the heels that this site has and my attention is most attracted by the cone heels. This is a category intended for those little bold ladies who love originality, as well as experimenting with different patterns, colors and shapes of shoes. Below I'll show you several models from this category (click on the link below the picture for more details).

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  1. great post :D


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  3. This is such a great post– so many things I want to try. Thank you for sharing amazing guide. You always come with something out of the box.Hats off to you! Love the blue shoe btw xoxo

  4. I’m a constant reader of your blog. This is just what I wanted to read right now! Keep blogging!

  5. amazing post dear, like it :)


  6. Those shoes are gorgeous!! I'm super tempted to go order it now as my Christmas present for my loved ones! x

  7. OMG! This is what I need today, so tempted to purchase now!!