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Hello everyone and welcome to my new post. In today's post we will talk about phone cases. I think that almost everyone is using them today - some just to protect their phones, and some for fashion reasons, because they want to have trendy masks that will make their phones look even more beautiful.
The offer of phone cases is also enormous nowadays. Today, I will present you an online store that I recently discovered - it is called FYYstore. IT offers a large variety of quality accessories for your gadgets. I can not show you the entire offer of this site because it's really big, so I chose this post to write to you about just one of their products - FYY case for iPhone 7/8 (4.7inch).

I lately like these practical masks that not only protect the phone but can also serve for carrying documents and money, so I do not have to carry my wallet with me. Below you can read more about this phone case:

  • "Radio Frequency Identification technology, through radio signals to identify specific targets and to read and copy electronic data. Most Credit Cards, Debit Cards, ID Cards are set-in the RFID chip, the RFID reader can easily read the cards information within 10 feet(about 3m) without touching them. This case is designed to protect your cards information from stealing with blocking material of RFID shielding technology."                                                                             
  • "Specifically for Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 (4.7 inch). Top quality FYY iPhone 7/8 flip wallet case with wristlet. Made with Premium PU Leather. 100% Handmade Purse Case."                 
  • "Large Capacity. Card slots and Note Holder provides you to put debit card, credit card, ID card, receipts or some change while on the go."                                                                              
  • "Multiple Functions. Kickstand function is convenient for movie-watching or video-chatting. Easy access to all ports and controls."

This FYY phone case and many others you can find on Their Amazon.

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