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Every girl knows how prom night is important. For that reason I decided to share with you series of posts with this topic. I hope that I'll help you with this posts to find a perfect dress for your prom night.

Now I'll give you some advices how to find a perfect dress:

Plan and choose your dress a few weeks before your prom. Your dress meybe will need some changes, so in this way you'll have enough time to do it.

Choose the dress that has ideal fit to your body shape. It needs to accentuate all of your good features and to hide anything you might consider a flaw.

Decide what type of dress you want. For this you can find inspiration everywhere (fashion magazines, celebrities on the red carpet, internet etc.). In this post I'll try to give you some inspiration too. I have chosen one great site where you can find amazing prom dresses - 27dress. Founded in 2012, this is a global online wedding dress & dress factory which has customers from all over the world.
In the section of this site called 2017 prom dress ( you can find so many perfect dresses which are unique. There are diferent styles, colors and designs for all body sizes at best prices and I am sure every girl can find dress here. You can see below my favorite dresses from

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