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Hello everyone and welcome to my new post.  :)
The most common topics I write about on the blog are related to clothes, and I actually love jewelry equally (maybe even more).  I recently discovered a site that has beautiful pieces of jewelry.  This is a site called Dazzle Luna.Their story is inspired by girls who seek for high fashion and good quality for jewellery, aim to provide extensive selection of jewellery to women.

Below you can see my favorite from this site. 😍

Dangle Earrings (https://dazzleluna.com/jeweiry/earring/dangle-Earrings)

"Dangle earrings most favored among fashion editors and influencers,different drops on earring dangles with the body. Shop now and we provide Free Worldwide Shipping!" 

Vintage Earrings (https://dazzleluna.com/jeweiry/earring/styles/vintage-earrings)

"Vintage earring inspired by the 80's or 90's style, you can find pearls or beads fashionable elements for those vintage earrings. Shop now and enjoy our Free Worlwide Shipping!" 

Bohemian Necklace (https://dazzleluna.com/jeweiry/necklace/styles/bohemian-necklace)

"Bohemian necklace mainly styles layered design, shell or star pendants on necklace especially suiting for beach, travel or party. Out of ideas of jewelry for your look on beach? Shope more bohemian necklaces on Dazzle Luna and enjoy FREE SHIPPING for order over $40."

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instagram: @fashion_beauty_and_style_blog

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